property repair

Community Housing Solutions’s mission is to make Guilford County homes warmer, drier and safer by providing repairs and ownership opportunities to low-income homeowners.


Community Housing Solutions, (CHS) was originally formed in 2002 - under the name Housing Greensboro - through a partnership between the Center to Create Housing Opportunities, Greensboro Housing Coalition, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro and the City of Greensboro. This occurred after a Housing Summit earlier that year in which a gap in housing services was identified to address substandard housing conditions. The organization was launched as an independent nonprofit in 2007 as it began to expand its staff and capabilities with a continued strong partnership with Habitat. The organization changed its name to Community Housing Solutions in 2013 to better reflect the work and to not have a name that confused homeowners, volunteers or donors with other organizations in Greensboro. Community Housing Solutions is supported by local community volunteers who work alongside skilled construction staff throughout the year. We are funded by individuals, businesses, faith and civic organizations, local foundations, city and state government programs.

Core values and purpose

Community Housing Solutions carries out its mission with the values of compassion, discernment, and integrity at the core of every service provided. Programs have a focused purpose towards resourcefulness, community, quality, knowledge, team, and ability to empower others.

Credentials and Awards

Aging Gracefully in Place:
In 2016, CHS was honored to be selected by the National Center for Healthy Housing and Johns Hopkins University as one of four locations in the nation to participate in a national demonstration project called “Aging Gracefully In Place.” Going into homes as a team with physical therapists and nurses to assess homeowner needs and provide necessary accessibility modifications, the project will demonstrate the effectiveness of modifications that help people over 65 years of age stay in their homes safely for more years. Modifications are tailored to the needs of each homeowner and may include the building of access ramps, the addition of grab bars or railings, the installation of ADA toilets and other features.