Mary and William

Mary and William were renting an apartment about five blocks from the houses we were building on Reid Street as a part of our Home Buyers program. They had always dreamed of buying their own home one day but were not sure when that time would come. They applied for a mortgage, qualified and made an offer on one of these homes. They could not hide their excitement on the day of closing in late April. This excitement led to more joy and celebration as just two weeks after purchasing this house, they invited 50 of their friends and family over to witness their marriage in the back yard of their new home. We wish the very best to Mary and William as they begin their new life together in their new home. Rebuilding Homes. Restoring Hope.

Ruby McBee from Aging Gracefully program

Ruby McBee

Ruby is a part of the Aging Gracefully program at Community Housing Solutions where teams of occupational therapists and nurses work with homeowners like Ruby to assess needs and provide necessary accessibility modifications that will help them stay in their homes safely for more years. The biggest impact of this program is prevention, as modifications are made before falls occur.

Ruby wanted to soak in the bathtub without falling and to move safely in and out of her home. Community Housing Solutions’ installed three grab bars in her tub and replaced the rotting floors under her toilet. In addition, a concrete walkway was poured and rotten doors were replaced. These modifications made Ruby safe and stable as she carried out her daily activities.

“I love the program, and I love what they did,” said Ruby. “Community Housing Solutions cares. They showed me love and affection, and they helped me accomplish my goals. When you have someone who cares, that makes you feel good about yourself.”

Thanks to your support, we install shower bars and we build walkways, but we do much more than that. Thanks to your support, we restore lives, hope and dignity for people like Ruby so that they can age gracefully in place in the home that they love. You may click the links below to continue this support through either a donation or volunteering your time. You may also view the video below for a more complete account of Ruby's story.

Mechelle Patterson Milburn Street in Greensboro

Mechelle Patterson

Mechelle Patterson, pictured above on the right with family members, was two years old when she moved into a house on Milburn Street in Greensboro. She lived here with her two brothers and her mom and dad. Sadly, her father passed away at the young age of 39 in 1981, leaving her mom as a single mother raising three kids. But Milburn Street became their home; where she played hide and seek, where she made friends, and where she lived with her mother until her death in 2015.

Before her mother died, her childhood home on Milburn Street had begun to deteriorate. It was infested with rodents and the roof was leaking. Mechelle wondered how she might be able to save this house that had meant so much to her throughout her life. Then someone told her about Community Housing Solutions.

After six months of work, Mechelle is now seeing her home repaired so that she can live in it again. Thanks to your support, her childhood home has a new roof, new flooring and new life. Thanks to your support, Mechelle’s children - and her children’s children - will have a place to call home.

“Something new in my faith is coming alive,” said Mechelle. “I stand here and look at my house and think, 'God, is this really happening?’ My brother once told me that Ma stands for My Angel. And I believe it. I know she is up there looking down on me and this house and smiling, seeing that her legacy can go on. And I just keep saying, Thank you, God!”

Here at Community Housing Solutions, we thank you - our friends and supporters – for helping us to continue to help people like Mechelle rebuild their homes and restore hope and faith in their lives. Your support continues to make a difference to hundreds of people in Guilford County, and for that we are grateful.