How does the Home Repair program work?

Community Housing Solutions (CHS) provides home repairs to qualifying families who are owner-occupants of Guilford County homes and are below specific income levels. The scope of repairs may include but are not limited to: roofs, plumbing, floors, energy efficiency repairs, accessibility modifications, electrical hazards, and code violations. Work that is cosmetic or optional in nature does not fall within the scope of the program. We focus on repair issues which make a home warmer, dryer, and safer, and have served over 650 homes since our inception.

CHS utilizes qualified staff, approved sub-contractors, and volunteers from the community to accomplish the repairs. CHS construction staff oversees the work of community volunteers from retiree groups, faith organizations, businesses, civic organizations, and college student groups. Required permits and inspections are completed by the City of Greenboro, the City of High Point and Guilford County.

Funding for repairs comes primarily from:

  • Homeowner payments (loans)
  • Donated materials and donated professional services
  • Charitable contributions or grants
  • Government agencies
  • Individual donations

These funds cover the costs of materials, supplies, any necessary subcontractor costs, CHS’ construction staff labor, and program administration.

Community Housing Solutions has developed partnerships with other non-profit organizations from the community to leverage additional services and resources. We maintain a list of reliable and reasonably priced subcontractors and materials suppliers. We annually refresh this list following guidelines set forth in the CHS Procurement and Disbursement Policy.

What makes a property and a home owner eligible?

To be eligible, properties must:

  1. Be located within Guilford County.
  2. Have all property taxes paid in full and current.
  3. Have a clean title and be owner-occupied at both the time of application and throughout the repair process.
  4. Have an after-repair property tax value (building plus land) of $120,000 or less.
  5. Not be in danger of a foreclosure process.
  6. Have repair needs not exceeding $20,000 in estimated costs.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Own and occupy the home and property as their primary residence.
  2. Not have received a home repair though CHS’ programs in the last 12 months and not have exceeded CHS’ repair program limits in the past.
  3. Have limited means to accomplish the repairs on their own.
  4. Have a total household income which does not exceed 80% of the current Guilford County Area Median Income (AMI) for household size as determined by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (see 2016 income limits and determination of income below).

80% Income Limits by Household Size

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CHS’ Home Repair Committee will review and approve qualified homeowner applications before repair work begins. The committee will forward a summary of their actions to the Board of Directors for review.

Please contact our Family Services Coordinator, Lynda Hunter Hopkins, if you think that you are eligible and would like to complete an application for a home repair.