Ramp-a-thon 2016

The eighth annual Ramp-a-thon, which took place June 13th – 17th, can most aptly be described using one word: IMPACT.  Nine families, scattered across Guilford County from Gibsonville to Jamestown, received new accessibility ramps during the 4-day building blitz.  A grandfather who had been carrying his nine year-old granddaughter and her wheelchair up and down the stairs every day to go to school.  A woman whose husband is paraplegic struggled to get him up and down the
front steps.  A mother whose son had not been able to leave their home in over two years – except by ambulance.  All of these families – and more – have new ramps to make life a whole lot easier, thanks to the collaboration of the 2016 Catholic Heart Work Camp students and Community Housing Solutions.  The mostly high-school age Catholic Heart Work Campers chose to spend their vacations building ramps for families who need them, and having an IMPACT this year.  “Thank you” is not enough to say to these young people with gigantic hearts.

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