On the day he got his life back, Ronnie Davis’ mother wasn’t at home.  Ronnie said, “Mama took a fall, and she’s been over at the rehab place.  But she’s working on getting out of there!  She wants to come back home and see all the stuff y’all have done!”

On May 14th, eleven homeowners in a half mile area in High Point’s Southside neighborhood received much-needed help.  Operation Inasmuch, a new partnership between the City of High Point, Housing Consultants Group, and Community Housing Solutions, orchestrated the one day neighborhood home repair blitz.  With months of pre-event logistical planning, repairs ranged from replacing the rotted floor under a kitchen sink to removing a dead tree leaning on a homeowner’s porch.  150 volunteers from eight churches and businesses gathered at the Southside Recreation Center early on Saturday morning, creating teams of construction crews and helpers.  They spent the day working together, their work supervised by Community Housing Solution’s construction experts.

Ronnie Davis is one of the homeowners who experienced the convergence of help on that Saturday. By 8 o’clock in the morning, Ronnie’s yard and home were filled with volunteers from Parkwood Home Inspections, eager to help.  Due to chronic health issues, Ronnie needs a walker to get around. Not having a functional sink in the kitchen and cooking in the backyard on an old grill have been a challenge.   He and his mom have been washing dishes in the bathtub.

Some jobs, such as replacing unstable steps that were pulling away from another home’s foundation, were completed during the one-day home repair blitz.  It will take several weeks for Community Housing Solutions crews to complete more major repairs, including a brand-new kitchen for Ronnie and his mom.

That day, while volunteer crews removed the floor from the kitchen, where a major plumbing leak had caused it to rot completely through, Ronnie spent the day showing other volunteers things in his back yard that he had been hanging on to –but now felt he could let go of.  Old pots and pans, dishes, plant pots, and other items held pungent, stagnant water, creating a major mosquito problem.  Ronnie was delighted to get some help, to “keep my Mama from getting that old Zika virus.”  As several truckloads of items were removed from his yard, Ronnie slowly got around with his walker, a big grin on his face.  Late that afternoon, Ronnie looked up at the group of volunteers, saying only six words, “You gave me my life back.”  For this homeowner and his mom, that just about says it all.

If you or your group would like to be part of the solution, rebuilding homes abd restoring hope throughout Guilford County, please contact Community Housing Solutions at 336.676.6986 or visit www.CHSHousing.org. #restoringhope